FroogleFurnitue was created by successful entrepreneurs with a shared vision to provide consumers a fresh alternative to either online shopping or the generic “big-box” furniture store experience…where a combination of quality and value are apparently difficult to find these days. It’s usually pick one or the other…

At FroogleFurniture we strive to provide each and every customer that visits one of our stores a welcoming pleasant “no-pressure” experience. Our merchandise consists of always new, brand name open-box/overstock items, as well as thousands of brand new in-the-box merchandise, all of which we bring in weekly from well-known and highly-trusted home furnishing product lines. Our store is “Never the Same Store Twice™”

We provide value plus discounts on everything we sell! Our in-store easy-to-follow pricing model makes it easy for customers to identify our A-Stock “mint condition”, B-Stock “minor blemish” items, as well as our C-Stock “obvious scratch and dent” furnishings. Everything in our store is priced to motivate our customers to buy it today!

The word “Froogle” derives from a combination of unlimited (google) quantity and value (frugal).

The Froogle Furniture brand is in no way associated with Frugal Furniture, located in Massachusetts… no offense to our New England neighbors…quite frankly we’re much more fun!!