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SALES ORDERS represent a written contract between the Buyer and the Seller. The Buyer agrees to purchase products and/or services from a the Seller. By signing the Sales Order the Buyer agrees with all Rules and Conditions listed below. All changes to original Sales Orders must be in writing (certified mail, email or fax) and signed by both the Seller and the Buyer.


The Seller guarantees the largest selection of products at the lowest prices every day! If the Buyer finds a lower advertised price on an identical product(s), under the same terms and conditions from another local retailer, the Seller will match the price and will offer additional 2% discount. The Buyer needs to print this offer and present to the Seller for discount. Not valid for already signed Sales Orders.


The Buyer must request update or cancellation in writing only within 72 hours from signing the order (certified mail, email or fax). All updates or cancellations must be approved by The Seller. The Seller reserves the right to cancel any Sales Order at any time due to pricing error or product unavailability.


Only possible if The Buyer requests to cancel the Sales Order within 72 hours of ordering. Orders cannot be cancelled after 72 hours. If due to unforeseen circumstances Buyer needs to cancel the Sales Order after 72 hours , the Seller might agree and then the Buyer will receive store credit less 25% due to the restocking fee. If The Seller cancels the Order due to back order or error, The Buyer will receive full refund. All refunds must be accompanied by original Sales Order. The Seller will decide what form of refund The Buyer will receive. If the payment was made by any other method than bankcard, The Seller will send a refund check within 14 days from accepting the return. The Seller is NOT responsible for a lost check mailed to the address listed on the Sales Order. The Seller may issue a new check when his bank voids the old, lost one. No cash refunds are issued under any circumstances. All charges refunded to credit cards may be subject to 5% of balance surcharge. SPECIAL ORDERS CANNOT BE CANCELLED AT ANY TIME. All deposits paid on Special Sales Order cancelled by the Buyer are NOT refundable, it also applies in a situation when deposit is more than 25% of the Sales Order total. RETURNS: Once shipping or delivery is accepted by the Buyer and the Sales Receipt is signed, the sale is final and products are NOT RETURNABLE without the Seller's approval. In very rare cases and only authorized by The Seller the Buyer may be granted return and returned product(s) must be in its original (new) condition with packaging and 25% restocking fee applies. Delivery charges and related services are not refundable. The Seller will not accept back any assembled merchandise. Also, the Seller is not liable for products damaged by the Buyer during the opening or assembly process. Prior authorization must be arranged by phone or email with the Seller. When product(s) return is authorized by the Seller, The Buyer will be responsible for the arrangement of the return shipment, as well as, all shipping fees applied by the Shipping or Freight Company of the Buyer's choice back to the Seller's warehouse. Original packaging is required by the Seller. The Seller will issue STORE CREDIT ONLY to the Buyer excluding the amount for shipping or restocking fees. The Seller will not offer cash, check or credit card refunds on products delivered and accepted by the Buyer.


All product images and descriptions are displayed by the Seller on the website and in printed catalogs as accurately as possible. However, the Seller cannot guarantee that the color the Buyer sees will match exactly the color of the delivered product. The display of the color depends, in part, upon the monitor used or the quality of the prints displayed. The Buyer should contact the Seller with any questions and request upholstery leather or wood samples before placing a Sales Order. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: The Seller offers no specific guarantee of stock availability. Manufacturer's limited supply, the Buyer's demand and unforeseen circumstances can all inhibit product availability. The Seller takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that all of the products displayed on his website and in the showrooms are in stock and available. When the Buyer places a Sales Order, the Seller is able to confirm product's availability. If for some reason it is not possible at the time of signing the Sales Order, The Seller will contact the Buyer as soon as possible to confirm if products are in stock. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. The Seller reserves the right to revoke any stated offer, correct discovered errors, inaccuracies or omissions. This includes all orders already submitted, confirmed and paid for.


Products sold are protected by the Manufacturer's warranty only. The Buyer should be aware that individual manufacturer warranties vary by company. This Limited Warranty covers manufacturer's defects only. MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: Transportation service from the Buyer's house to the seller's warehouse or both ways. Excessive wear and tear, damage due to misuse, abuse, heavy soiling, accidents and use of wrong cleaning products. Damage or discoloration caused by sunlight. Pilling of fabric or wear, shading or shrinkage of any fabric due to improper cleaning. Variations in the color or gaining of wood. Wood products or marble that are inherent to the nature of the material. Blemishes or other markings inherent in the finish of any furniture. Scratches, chips, rips, tears, glass and mirror breakage. Body fluids on bedding. Commercial usage. Damages made by the Buyer during the opening or assembly process. Clearance merchandise, final sale and sold “as is” products. The seller makes no warranty or guarantee whatsoever as to the wearing quality and colorfastness of the upholstery fabrics and/or leather.


Each claim must be submitted in writing (mail or e-mail or faxed) and must be accompanied by detailed description and pictures. The Buyer must go to the Seller's website in order to report a claim, email or mail a letter. No manufacturer warranty claims can be honored without a Sales Receipt. If the Buyer files a claim via e-mail or mail, a copy of the Sales Receipt must be attached. As a confirmation of a received claim the Seller will send a Buyer's Work Order via email or mail. If the Buyer does not receive the Work Order within 72 hours, he/she should contact the Seller to make sure that the Seller received the claim. Each claim will be forwarded by the Seller to the Manufacturer for approval and further instructions. The Buyer is solemnly responsible for bringing the product(s) to the Seller's warehouse for evaluation and possible repair or exchange of the defected product(s) or part(s). Transportation service from the Buyer's house to the seller's warehouse or both ways can be provided by the Seller for addition cost. The Buyer can also choose in-home inspection of the purchased product (s) for additional cost. Transportation or inspection service fee has to be paid in advance, before the service is scheduled. Each claim reported by the Buyer will remain open for one month, if the information requested by the Seller is not provided within that period of time, the claim will be closed and cannot be reopened.


The Seller offers different delivery options: Pick up, Delivery without assembly, Curbside Drop-off Shipping, Freight Shipping and In-Home Delivery with Assembly. If delivery option is not listed on the Sales Order, than the Buyer is responsible for the Pickup of all product(s) purchased and listed on the Sales Order from the Seller's warehouse.


The Seller will contact the Buyer by phone or email when ordered product(s) become available for pick up or delivery. If the Buyer needs to reschedule, the Seller must receive a notification with a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled time. A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be applied if the delivery is cancelled less than 48 hours of the delivery date. The Seller will then schedule the shipping or delivery day and a 4-hour time window to perform the service. The Buyer has a full understanding that there may be unpredictable cases in which the delivery time can be delayed. The Seller's Driver will call the Buyer to notify of such delay. Due to many factors beyond our control, the seller cannot be held responsible for delays in deliveries. The Buyer or someone over age 18 must be at home to receive and sign for all of the delivered products. Due to the high volume of deliveries that go out daily, we are unable to request any specific time frames. For this reason, it is best that you choose a delivery date when someone can be available at any time. For your convenience, you may provide us with a call-ahead number and our drivers will contact you when they are on their way. The Seller's Driver(s) is not authorized to collect any payments from the Buyer excluding tips for good service. If the Seller does not hear from the Buyer and the Seller's Driver is unable to deliver products because the Buyer is not present at home as scheduled, the Seller will charge the Buyer for additional delivery or the Buyer may pick up the products from the Seller's warehouse with no additional cost. The Seller will make every effort to contact the Buyer when his product(s) become available. If the Buyer is unreachable for more than sixty days, the Seller reserves the right to terminate the Sales Order, in such case the Buyer forfeits the deposit and the restocking fees will apply; 25% of the whole order amount. After thirty days of no-response, the Seller will mail the Buyer, at the address listed on the original Sales Order, a note of pending termination. After sixty days, the termination process is final. The Buyer understands that all orders must be paid in full min 3 days before the delivery service can be scheduled by the Seller. The Buyer who chooses Freight Shipping will receive information from the Seller over the phone or by email if provided by the Buyer. The information will include: freight company name, phone number, tracking number and website address where the Buyer will be able to check the status of the shipment. From this point on the Freight Company will contact the Buyer directly to schedule the shipping day and time.


The Buyer can pick up all products at the Seller's warehouses by appointment only. (Click Here to see warehouse locations). When the Buyer arrives at the Seller's warehouse, he/she should have a proper identification with a picture and a copy of the Sales Order and Payment Receipt. If the Buyer delegates someone else to pick up his merchandise, the Seller needs the written authorization from the Buyer to release the products. The Buyer should be prepared to: have a proper vehicle, ropes and any needed packing materials. Some of the materials needed for pick up might be provided by the Seller at additional cost upon request. The Seller's Warehouse Crew will assist the Buyer in loading the vehicle, however it is the Buyer's responsibility to inspect and properly secure the products prior to leaving the warehouse. Pick-ups usually require some customer assembly. The Seller will not be responsible for any damage to the products or the vehicle itself after the products are secured by the Buyer. The Buyer should inspect all of the products prior to loading and signing the Sales Receipt. When the Sales Receipt is signed by the Buyer, the sale is final. There will be no returns or exchanges accepted for picked up merchandise. DELIVERY WITHOUT ASSEMBLING: Only one driver will be present for service. The purchased products will be brought into a garage or 1st floor only. We don't remove any packaging or old furniture. CURBSIDE DROP-OFF SHIPPING: Only one driver will be present for the Curbside Drop-off Shipping. The purchased products will not be brought inside the Buyer's home. The Buyer needs to make sure that all products fit through any doorways, stairways, and hallways as well as in the room itself. Should the products be shipped back to the Seller's warehouse for any reason without prior authorization, the Buyer will be responsible for the additional shipping charges and product restocking fees. The Seller's driver can not remove any packaging materials or old furniture from the Buyer. The Seller's driver is not authorized to upgrade service from Drop-off Shipping to In-Home Delivery. Also, the Seller's Driver is not authorized to collect any payments from the Buyer excluding tips. The Buyer understands that possible damage to his products or property will not be covered by the Seller's insurance if it happens during an unauthorized In-Home Delivery. The Seller's Driver can be terminated for performing unauthorized services. The Buyer should contact the Seller directly to upgrade the service from Curbside Drop-off Shipping to a In-Home Delivery. If the Buyer decides to upgrade from Curbside Drop-off Shipping to In-Home Delivery at the time of the scheduled Curbside Drop-off Shipping, the Buyer should accept the Curbside Drop-off Shipping of ordered products and sign the Sale Receipt. Then, the Buyer should contact the Seller directly to check if an In-Home Delivery is available in the area. If the service is available right away, the Buyer must pay for the In-Home Delivery before service is provided. The Seller's Delivery Crew may perform the upgraded service during Curbside Drop-off Shipping if it's possible, otherwise it will be scheduled for the next available time. The Buyer should inspect all the merchandise prior to signing the Sales Receipt. When the Sales Receipt is signed by the Buyer, the sale is final. There will be no returns or exchanges without the Seller's approval. DELIVERY WITH IN-HOME ASSEMBLY, PACKAGING MATERIALS REMOVAL AND RECYCLING (IN-HOME DELIVERY): The Seller offers this service only to: CT, MA, RI and some areas in NH, NY, NJ and PA. This service includes: delivery, opening and inspection of all products at the Buyer's residence. It also includes assembly, careful placement of all products into the Buyer's room of choice, packaging removal and recycling. Prior to signing the Sales Order, the Buyer needs to make sure that all products fit through any doorways, stairways, and hallways as well as in the room itself. Please be aware that the Seller's Delivery Driver or Crew is not authorized to move any existing/old furniture in the house. Please have all sidewalks, stairs, and hallways cleared of obstruction and debris. Please notify office of any special arrangements regarding a difficult delivery, ex. narrow hallways and/or doorways, 2nd floor, etc. The Buyer needs to make room for the new products ahead of time and will be responsible for additional delivery charges and product restocking fees if any furniture should be returned due to "size" and "fit" problems. The Seller is not liable when the furniture does not fit into the Buyer's home. If a delivery attempt is made and the furniture does not fit, the delivery fee will not be refunded and the cancellation or return policy will take effect. The Buyer should inspect all the merchandise prior to signing the sale receipt. When The Sales Receipt is signed by the Buyer the sale is final. There will be no returns or exchanges without Seller's approval.


The Seller ships products nationwide by UPS, Yellow, Roadway, FedEx or other freight companies. The Buyer understands that products will only be dropped-off at curbside and will not be brought into their residence. The Freight Company will call the Buyer with a notification on when their products are scheduled to be dropped-off at their residence. If the Buyer needs to reschedule, they need to contact the Freight Company directly at the number provided on the notification. The Buyer takes responsibility for any charges levied by the Freight Company associated with multiple re-delivery attempts and/or storage. Should the products be shipped back to the Seller's warehouse for any reason without prior authorization, the Buyer will be responsible for the additional shipping charges and product restocking fees. The Buyer should inspect all the merchandise prior to signing the "shipping" document. When "the shipping" document is signed, the sale is considered final. There will be no returns or exchanges. DURING CURBSIDE DROP-OFF SHIPPING OR FREIGHT SHIPPING: When the Shipping or Freight company delivers the products, the Buyer must inspect the shipment prior to signing the Shipping or Freight delivery documents. If the outside packaging is damaged chances are that the product(s) inside is also damaged. The Buyer should not accept the shipment without checking the products. If damage is found, the Buyer must clearly indicate the damage on the Shipping or Freight Shipping documents and then, that document must be signed by the Buyer and the Shipping or Freight Company Driver. The Buyer should understand that the Driver is paid to allow the Buyer extra time to inspect the product(s) prior to signing the Shipping or Freight delivery documents. DURING IN-HOME DELIVERY: When the Seller's Driver delivered and assembled the products, the Buyer must inspect them prior to signing the Sales Receipt. The Buyer should not accept delivery without checking the products for damage or defect(s). If damage or defect(s) are found, the Buyer must clearly indicate them on the Sales Receipt, which must be signed by both the Buyer and the Seller's Driver. At this point the Driver will complete a product(s) Claim Sheet, and will require a signature from the Buyer. The Buyer may decide to keep the slightly damaged product(s) and ask the Seller for an additional discount, or refuse the delivery of only the damaged or defected product(s). In a case of multiple product order, a claim form can be filled out for only the damaged products. All other product(s) must be accepted by the Buyer. The Seller will then contact the Buyer within a few days to schedule the delivery of new product(s).


The Buyer should pick up all ordered product(s) or accept Delivery within a week since being contacted by the seller via phone, email or mail. The Seller will chargethe Buyer 5% of product(s) price listed on Sales Order, for each week of storage. Storage charges will apply one week after customers has been contacted for Pick up/Delivery, unless an alternate agreement is made with the Seller.


The Buyer can obtain replacement parts such as: screws, shelves, knobs, or other parts by contacting the Seller. A replacement cost will apply on most items. DAMAGE TO THE BUYER'S PROPERTY: Any damage to the Buyer's property must be reported to the Seller immediately, meaning at the moment of noticing the damage. A Claim form needs to be signed by the Buyer and Delivery Crew at the time of damage. The Seller will not honor any property claim once Delivery Crew leaves the Buyer's home without the Claim form signed.


Loose cushions and pillows should be flipped, rotated and fluffed on a weekly basis to keep filling materials evenly distributed and allow for even wear. Vacuum all upholstery once a week with a brush attachment only. Down cushions cannot be vacuumed; instead, use a sofa whisk broom or soft brush to clean fabric. Pilling is normal for all fabrics when they shed their excess fiber. Using a fabric shaver will remove unwanted pills. Direct sunlight, heat and moisture should be kept away from upholstery as fading and discoloration may occur. Never sit on the recliner's footrest, the end of an open sleeper, the arms of furniture or an ottoman. Always lift your upholstered furniture. Never drag or push furniture to a new location. This could damage your floor or furniture.


Before you try to remove a stain or soil from your upholstery, you should determine the type of fabric involved. Some manufacturers make this easy for you by placing cleaning codes on furniture. (You'll find the code either on the furniture hang-tag or on the manufacturer's label. If not, call us!) These codes indicate the type of fabric involved - cotton, wool, silk, etc., and suggest the best methods of cleaning and spot removal: Clean with water-based cleaning agents and foams, as well as with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents. Use water-based cleaning agents or foams only. Use only mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents. Do not use foam or liquid agents on this fabric. Vacuum or brush lightly to remove soil.


The Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable costs, attorneys' fees and expenses that may be incurred by the Seller in enforcing the covenants, conditions and terms of this agreement or collection of any money owed by the Buyer to the Seller pursuant to the terms of this agreement. The Buyer and the Seller agreed that CT Superior Court takes jurisdiction over this agreement.


The Buyer will be charged $50 processing fee for each bounced check.